Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rockport to Port O'Connor (plus a wedding)

The run from Rockport to Port O is only 50 miles.  That is normally an easy day.  Only 2 concerns - we just had some significant work done on the boat and there are 2 large open bay areas to cross, Aransas Bay and San Antonio Bay.  Just the possibility of a mechanical issue raises the adrenaline just a bit but off we went.  It was a nice easy run with no mechanical issues.

The Sanctuary development was beautiful.  They only had about 5 boats in the marina area and not more than 3 or 4 homes built so we understand why they wanted more long-term boats there.  The marina building was beautiful, very classy restroom/shower facilities, nice club/pool area across the street, tennis courts, and numerous man-made white sandy beaches throughout the development.  Here are some pics.

On the negative side, there was no WIFI, no cable or even analog antenna coverage, slip renters have no access to the pool (think visiting grandkids), and there are no other people!  The town is very small, basically a fishing village with no amenities to speak of except bait for sale, and the closest things like WalMart, grocery stores, medical facilities, etc. are 25 to 40 miles away at Port LaVaca and Victoria.  Being the leaning-toward-hermit that I am, I probably would have stayed here but Rhonda already has buddies at Harborwalk, and any needs to be met or conveniences you like are right at your fingertips in Galveston and the whole Houston metro area (plus 5 million people to share that with which gives merit to my propensity toward hermitism).  However, considering that not many wives these days would live on a boat for 4 and  1/2 years, I am somewhat indebted to and certainly very appreciative of Rhonda's willingness to do that.  Returning to Harborwalk is the sensible thing to do where all things are already "familiar" and the inconveniences of living aboard are "reduced."  Now, in fairness to the living aboard thing, we have definitely seen some great sights, have some great memories, have met some wonderful people, and if we moved back on land tomorrow, I will always be appreciative of this experience. And in fairness to Rhonda, I really like Harborwalk and the Galveston area also. Back to The Sanctuary, we have a wedding to attend!  

Twice in our live-aboard experience, we have witnessed a wedding from the back deck of our boat.  The first was in Muskogee when we managed the marina - a large wedding, pretty fancy event, big party afterwards, etc.  This one was much smaller with not many people, pretty sad music, and everyone was gone within a few minutes of  "I DO" eventhough they had food/reception stuff set up under cover at the marina building.   There was no "Here Comes The Bride" music, but I do remember the "song" - the same three chords cycled endlessly from a guitar.  There just didn't seem to be much of a festive mood at all about the whole thing.  Anyway, here comes the bride.

Also unfortunately for everyone, it drizzled throughout the ceremony and finally began to rain toward the end.  Here's the wedding party and guests.

And with the rain (the evidence is in the clouds and on the dinghy).

I hope my evaluation of the wedding is wrong, I hate it rained, I hope it was a joyful event for all, and we wish them the best.  After all, it's not about the ceremony, it's about what they do with their lives afterward.

Speaking of afterward, we have lots of miles to cover tomorrow.

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