Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plans To "Buddy-Boat" Home

If you recall, our friends, Clint and Linda Bulkley, made the trip with us from Muskogee, OK to Galveston in December 2010 on their 46' Silverton. This pic is in Morgan City, LA on that trip.  They still have their boat here at Harborwalk also.

So, while we were spending our week of familiarization on the Gulfstar, they came down with friends, Gary and Denise, and brought their boat to the City Marina in downtown Corpus to "buddy-boat" the trip with us, just in case we had any problems.  We were not anticipating any difficulties for a short 180-mile trip to Galveston.  After all, we had just finished a 40-mile sea-trial.  If it will go 40, it ought to go 180, right?  But just as an extra precaution, we decided to move the boat from its home at Ingleside On The Bay to join the others at the City Marina which would test it another 20 miles.  So, the ladies took our truck and did whatever ladies do, and the guys moved the boat to Corpus.  Again, she ran fine. That's us behind the post and the Silverton to the right pointing toward you.

We stayed two days in Corpus, went out to eat once, grilled on the boat another time, and prepared to head to Galveston.  Here are a few pics leaving the harbor and some of downtown Corpus.  It's a really nice marina town.

And below, Corpus on the horizon as we cross Corpus Christi Bay enroute back to the GIWW.

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