Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Leg, Matagorda to Galveston

Well, after checking for pics from the 35-mile leg, I guess we took none.  That's OK, it was uneventful and a nice easy run.  It is mostly narrow GIWW channel, numerous barges, and one short open-water crossing at Chocolate Bay.  Gotta have at least a couple of pics though, so I borrowed from a recent day out on that same stretch.   Approaching from the west on the GIWW, that's Harborwalk straight ahead.  You can also see Galveston in the far distance if you look closely on the right distant horizon.  The second pic is the entrance into Harborwalk after exiting the GIWW.

We've been back at Harborwalk now for almost 8 months.  I've gotten most of the exterior rehab complete and I may post some of the before-and-after pics later.  For now, I'll just post the name changes.

It has been great being close to Austin to help out Adam's family with the cancer-treatment process Jen is going through.  We've been there numerous times and they have joined us here a few times also.  It's a nice break for them and a great spot for kids (and us adults too).

I'll close with a positive note in this regard.  Jen is about a year into the cancer treatment process.  She met with her DR yesterday and they will complete the chemo treatments on August 1st.  Yahoo!  It takes about 6 weeks for all of that to work its way out of  her body and final tests will be on October 3rd.  Please pray for positive results and great news from now until then, especially hopeful for a clean bill of health in October.  If you want to follow Jen's blog, check it out at 

Thanks for checking out our blog.  It's been fun.  More to follow.  We'll be here at least until October per the above and will make our next plans as appropriate pending those results.

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Gregg said...

Hi Wayne - talked with you last year about 3 forks - finally getting the boat home to Oklahoma. If you have a sec, I'd like to ask a couple questions. gregg.carlson at gmail - Thanks.