Saturday, December 25, 2010

Galveston Trip, Morgan City

With about 2/3 of the trip behind us, we were excited to be in Morgan City and about to join the Gulf Coast Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW). Morgan City is a serious commercial petroleum and fishing town.
The city docks are nothing fancy but are very convenient and within walking distance to the city. They have a seawall to protect the city from high water. On one side are the docks and on the other side is "Front Street" in town.

Regretfully, Linda had to leave us at this point and return to their home in Sulphur Springs. Before we had ever planned this trip, she made plans with her sister for a trip to Belize. Before she left, we got a shot of all of us aboard "HMR" with our Great Loop Cruisers Association flag.
So, how did we do that? Well, Clint and Linda had their 2 sons, Leldon and Bryant, drive to Three Forks, and get our car. They drove to Galveston and dropped off our car there, then drove to Morgan City. Linda rode back to Sulphur Springs with Leldon and Bryant finished the boat trip with Clint. Pretty slick plan, huh? Here's a family shot of the Bulkleys.
Rhonda got a little upset with me for not taking more pictures of the city. "There's more to these trips than pictures of the boat docked at different locations." She's right, but it was too late by then. It was truly a beautiful coastal city. We had three good meals there also - the first night there was at Rita Mae's, probably the best of the trip. Cuban food the next day for lunch and finished up with seafood/Italian at JoJo's. We bought all of our coastal charts there and planned the last leg of the trip, got laundry done, and rested up some. Westbound on the GIWW tomorrow. We'll exit Morgan City through the raised railroad bridge below. Great picture of the boat docked at another location, huh? LOL, except Rhonda!

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