Saturday, December 25, 2010

Galveston Trip, The Atchafalaya River to Morgan City

This was an ambitious day, 119 miles to Morgan City and Rhonda said it couldn't be done. With about 3 and 1/2 miles per hour of current, we proved her wrong and were docked at Morgan City with daylight to spare. Once you've seen the first few miles of the Atchafalaya, you've seen them all. But we were not complaining - nice and peaceful after coming off of the Mississippi. This is pretty much the general view all the way down the river.

However, there are some interesting sites to see. They got very creative with running gas lines overhead and across the river.

The underside view of bridges vehicular drivers on the road never see.
Rhonda wanted me to log this one - the tow's name is "Rhonda E"
For some reason, I could not get warm this day. Poor Clint and Linda were having to deal with it outside.

There was a solid line of trucks all the way across I-10. By the time I got up to get the picture, I only got most of them. As truckers, Clint and Linda were impressed - business must be pretty good!

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