Friday, May 16, 2008

OK Boat Trip, Days 19-23, 05/13-17/2008

Rhonda has officially been in command of "Help Me Rhonda" now for the past 4 days in Memphis while I've been in Muskogee trying to get some things going at the marina. It's been a pretty productive week. To begin with, I passed my drug test, which is a key element in continuing in the job. For years I administered these on behalf of the FAA to our air traffic controllers so it was a little different to be on the testing end. I got to meet all the folks at Arrowhead Boat Sales. Everyone was very nice and certainly helpful - this is a very professional organization. I also got lots of help from Lewis McLemore, the on-site representative at Three Forks for the Port Authority. Lewis is "the man." He knows everybody and everything about Muskogee and the harbor.
So what needs to be done here? Well, here's the inside of the ship's store. You think we need some inventory?

Well, we now have drink and ice machines, coolers, desks, etc on the way and we'll stock quickly from Arrowhead's existing ship's stores once we're here.

Spent lots of time getting internet service up, a 911 address, fire extinguishers checked and certified, mail service, etc. You know, the basics. Also had a chance to meet some of the tenants. Here are some of their boats on C dock.

And the River Center, still under construction but very impressive.

A view entering the harbor as you leave the Arkansas River.

The transient docks and ship's store.

And our 100 ton lift.

The water in the harbor is still about 9 feet above normal but should start down in the next couple of days if the rain will please stop for a while. I'm heading back to Memphis tomorrow. We'll check all the forecasts again and hopefully be back underway soon.

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