Tuesday, May 6, 2008

OK Boat Trip, Day 12, 5/6/08

No boating again today and a short blog update.

We had to turn in the rental car from yesterday, then did some shopping. After shopping, Rhonda got into her cleaning mode, then her organizing mode. Haven’t we already done this organizing routine a few times? In all fairness to Rhonda, she takes advantage of every inch of storage space and every time she reorganizes, we end up with more available space and less “stuff” sitting out for us and all to see. I assure you she will have everything in order when we get to Muskogee. Anyhow, when she’s in this mode, it’s best for me to just get out of the area so I worked on the outside of the boat, got rid of the boat moustache and tried to get the outboard running again. No luck so decided I better get a professional to take a look.

I called the local Yamaha outboard service center, Memphis Boat Center, and they agreed to work me in right away since we are traveling. Turned out to be an all afternoon affair. Once the diagnosis was in, apparently we have gotten some bad fuel somewhere and there is trash in the carburetor which has caused some other problems. It will be Friday before the parts are in and all repairs made but that works for us. We do not like to travel without the dinghy and outboard available to us.

Tomorrow we’ll try and cover some other topics we have received questions on from our readers. And I promise to have pictures.

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