Monday, August 19, 2013

Michigan to Indiana, South Haven to Michigan City

Leaving Muskegon was interesting - fishing boats everywhere in the inlet, but we managed and had a great ride to South Haven, our last Michigan stop.

We've been trying to get some good pictures that show the color of the water on Lake Michigan.  These are close.  The first one is shallow water and the darker blue is in deeper water.

Here's the arrival into South Haven.  Most of the arrivals are the same, protective walls and beaches on each side.

How's this for a beach crowd?

This picture will not mean much to some of you, but for those that know our family, don't the 2 guys looking toward the camera look a lot like Rhonda's brother, Keith (25 years ago before his hair turned gray) and the one on the right like our older son, Adam (Adam's a lot thinner)?  Just a little strange to find both in the same setting.  More recent pictures of Keith and Adam below the other one.

The boat traffic was about as heavy as the beach traffic.

The main building at the marina was quite nice with matching landscaping.  This is one of their 3 municipal marinas, funded by the US Army Corps of Engineers??????

"Help Me Rhonda" docked next to "Friends" from Chicago.

Rhonda heard this lady's yard is known for her annual display of flowers and landscaping.

Leaving South Haven the next morning, Rhonda wanted a good shot of the green marker - she felt like the reds have been getting most of the attention on the blog.  Can't have that!

We again had a great ride, smooth water all the way to Michigan City.  We could have jumped across Lake Michigan to Chicago at any point but decided to stay along the shoreline for the smoother water.  Here's the last of the sand dunes in Michigan before we arrive in Indiana.

Michigan City, Indiana is quite nice but the welcome to the marina is overshadowed  a bit by a huge nuclear power plant.  The marina literally sits at the base of the plant.  It was a little eerie being that close.

Washington Park Marina has over 600 slips, the largest marina we've been in on the trip.

There is a nice park immediately adjacent to the marina.  Interesting rock seats and other structures.

Once again, nice beaches.

Nice jet ski and beach chairs!

Rhonda talked me into going for a swim.  It was colder than the water in Canada.  OK, Becky, proof that I went swimming!  The water was "refreshing" but in my opinion it was too cold to "enjoy" very long.

The red lighthouse (again) at the end of the breakwater.

An interesting collection of rocks from the beach.  Many of them have small holes in them????

Michigan City is a bit of an artsy town, though I don't quite get it sometimes.  "Trees and Clouds."

"Whispering Stones"




But I do get good bird shots and beautiful sunsets.

This may be the prettiest of the trip.

Next stop, Chicago.

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