Friday, June 28, 2013

The Erie Canal Saga Continues

This will be brief but an update for everyone.  I'm just copying a quick Facebook post from this morning so everyone knows we're OK, just enjoying boating on the Erie Canal!!!

The saga of the Erie Canal continues. Yesterday, 6/27,  we managed to finally leave Lock 11 in Amsterdam. The canal authority said "Move as fast as you can and go as far west as possible." They actually escorted us through the first 2 locks and 13 miles with so many markers out of place. It was slow with fog, current, and lots of debris. Covered 50 miles and 7 locks to Ilion, NY with more rain in the forecast. The marina here said the water had not risen over the dock walls since 2006. Well, now they can change that to 6/28/13 at 5 AM. We're fine - kept the nose cleated to the wall, swung the tail out and dropped a stern anchor. Biggest problem now is the debris field around the boat. Water is finally starting down.

Some of the locals are reporting 2 feet of water in their homes.  "Never has been this high before."

Hope all our boating friends downstream are OK.  We're pretty sure there's lots of water headed your way! Hang in there.

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