Monday, November 12, 2012

Morgan City, LA - I could live here

Every now and then you come upon a town that just feels right and "inviting."  Morgan City is one of those.  The city docks front the Atchafalaya River and are adjacent to the city, separated by a flood wall.  The docks are rough and there's a lot of train and highway noise, but somehow it kind of fits with the history and charm of this old fishing and shipping town.  In the pic below I'm standing on the flood wall which I guess is about 20 feet tall.  I think the wall has been breached once or twice.

You may remember a few months ago when the MS River was in serious flood condition.  I found this pic online - they flooded this area to provide some relief upstream.  The light pole between the "M" and "O" below is the same light pole adjacent to HMR above.  So, clearly it's a very functional system.

Here's the gate from the docks in to the city.

Just a few blocks away is their city park with beautiful live oaks that occupies an entire city block.

And some beautiful and charming old homes.

We attended church on Sunday with the members of Pharr Chapel, UMC.

And there are some very special treats sometimes when you get delayed for weather.  We will be having dinner this evening at "Rita Mae's" which was closed on Sunday.  We ate here a couple of years ago when headed for Galveston and I'll just say it was "awesome."  I try not to overuse that word as it detracts from things that really are awesome, but in this case it is appropriate.  Just good-ole home cooking and lots of it!

And to close on this tour of Morgan City, the charm of the town is again exemplified with this little book swap stand for childrens' books, in the front yard of a private residence.  "Take a book, Return a book."

We are planning to leave tomorrow, heading out through the railroad lift bridge (below) and hanging a left for Houma, LA.  It's only about a 40-mile run but is supposed to be the prettiest stretch of the GIWW through Louisiana.  Some friends from Harborwalk traveling ahead of us on their sailboat "La Strada" tell us there is WIFI at the hospital!

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