Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lots Of Changes

Long time, no posts, so here is an update. When we arrived at Harborwalk, we had no plans other than to wing it. Two major events have occurred since then. As you recall, one of the primary reasons we relocated the boat from Muskogee to Galveston was to get closer to our kids and grandkids in Austin, TX for awhile. Not long after we made the move, our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma, and testing confirmed it had spread to at least one lymph node. So, we decided to stay here as long as necessary to be available to assist with all the medical processes and family needs that go with cancer treatments. Since then, Jen has had several surgeries to remove cancer spots and lymph nodes. She is 5 months into her chemo treatments (actually interferon treatments) with 7 months to go. We make periodic trips as they need us to assist with the grandkids and other household needs. WE ARE SO THANKFUL THAT GOD HAS MADE US AVAILABLE TO HELP and we do not believe we are here by chance! Jen does a great job of keeping everyone posted at Our family appreciates any prayer support you would be willing to send our way.

The other big event is that a couple from San Antonio happened up on our blog last summer and was interested in seeing a Roughwater. They were making the transition from sail to power and had researched on the net to decide what boat to get. They decided on a Roughwater but had never seen one and asked to come view ours before heading to JAX, FL to try and buy one. They spent the day with us, loved the boat, and in the meantime the one in JAX sold. One thing led to another and they bought our boat, which wasn't actually for sale! Rhonda and I took the next few weeks boat-searching in FL, AL, KY, TN, DE, MD, VA, NC, and TX. After lots of time and about 3000+ car miles, we found our new boat close by in Corpus Christi. She is a 1979 44' Gulfstar. I'll be posting pictures and details of that trip soon. We just lost our old computer and haven't gotten all of the pics from it loaded on to this new computer.

We anticipate remaining here at Harborwalk until at least October. Jen's chemo treatments will be complete then and we'll be able to make appropriate decisions for our future plans, dependent upon those results. Again, keep those prayers coming - Jen's health and their family is the priority now for sure.

In the meantime, we hope you will check out the rest of the blog for posts on some of our boat trips the past few years.

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